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Effective and affordable whitening techniques – your teeth will thank you! Whiter smile, less tooth decay – and less trips to the dentist!


Get those gaps, sharp edges and misaligned teeth fixed and looking perfect. Make your smile look beautiful again.

Bring back your healthy smile with restorative treatments including root canals, fillings, braces, alignment of misshaped teeth.

Useful patient information about oral health, insurance plans, financing dental treatment, student and senior discounts etc.

Free Teeth Whitening Kit or Electric Brush
With New Patient Exam


What Our Clients Say

I was looking for a good dentist that took the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) and was easily accessible from public transit. King Street Dental came up in my search, and they were accepting patients and in the UHIP network, so I booked an appointment. As soon as I arrived for my initial appointment, I was impressed. In the winter, they ask that you remove your shoes, which I find makes the experience rather soothing (and I believe the waiting room floors are heated!). The waiting room is very nice, though I've never had to wait very long. There was a new-patient promotion where I received an electric toothbrush, and I leave every appointment with a new manual toothbrush, some flossers, etc. This is usually a good reminder to replace my toothbrush. I have had a lot of dental issues over the past ten years, and been to four or five dentists, but some of my best care has been here for sure. They were able to finally get me cavity free in November 2017 for the first time in years, and I literally left there singing. 9 months later, my teeth are still healthy and I am still enjoying the quality care I receive at King Street Dental. Plus, they usually put the Food Network on, which is a calming thing to watch while you're getting your teeth cleaned.Alas, I am moving soon so I will no longer be able to utilize King Street Dental Centre. But even now, they have my back, for once I have found a new dentist, they have offered to send my records to them so that I won't have to start from scratch as I have done at every previous dentist.If you are looking for a small dentist's operation that will look after your teeth and make you feel welcome, King Street is a great choice. And, dare I say it, you might even enjoy going to the dentist.
Madison Gretzky
Madison Gretzky
13:05 13 Jul 18
Friendly and professional. Been a client for since 2012. Best dentist ever! Even got my husband as a client.??????
Vanessa Befurt
Vanessa Befurt
13:28 09 Jul 18
I've been coming to this dentist with my boyfriend for about a year and a half and have always been impressed by their service but today it was perfect. Esther gave me the best dental experience I've ever had, and as someone who has bad anxiety about the dentist I really appreciated how calm I felt. She was respectful but the best part was her sense of humor.
Mallory Schwindt
Mallory Schwindt
17:42 07 Apr 18
Amazing amazing experience! Dr. Reddy, the hygienists (Maria and Esther), as well as the staff at reception give phenomenal service. Highly recommended!
Samra Ashfaq
Samra Ashfaq
19:06 09 Jun 18
Just had an appointment here Friday. They were great! There's very specific things I look for when I enter into a place. Kindness & Professionalism are major ones. They hit the mark! Immediately when I entered through the door the receptionist greeted me with a smile (The other woman sitting off to the corner did not, and seemed unhappy but as she was not necessarily the one seated at the front I will separate my review from her). I was a new patient and the receptionist helped me through the necessary paper work accordingly. Once I was done, I was asked to take a seat until I was called in, but I did not even get to sit down as they were ready for me right away! Through the whole process I was attended to by wonderful people, one of which was hilarious, such kindness! I was also very impressed by how clean and impressive the whole building was. Only 1 thing was a downside, which was I had asked for a quote for a new teeth guard but they had forgotten, but I sent an email and hope to hear back. In conclusion i was very impressed, the friendliness was through the roof!! And professionalism was excellent. Thank you and this will most definitely be my dentist office.
Jeffrey Robb
Jeffrey Robb
19:52 12 Nov 17

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The goal of King Street Dental Office is to make every appointment as comfortable as possible.

At King Street Dental Office, you will feel an immediate sense of confidence in the dental care you receive. Our standard of excellence is measured by the satisfaction and comfort of our patients. We provide a trusted and personalized dentistry service, one that specializes in all general dentistry procedures and cosmetic dental techniques

Dr. A. Reddy

Dr. A. Reddy


Dr. A. Reddy completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1993. She is a proud member of the: Ontario Dental Association ODA, The Canadian Dental Association and The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.

Dr. Y. Shakir

Dr. Y. Shakir


Dr. Shakir is a highly skilled dentist with over 18 years extensive experience in virtually every field of modern dentistry. He is particularly adept at oral surgery including surgical operations for removal of impacted teeth

Christina Simenoff

Christina Simenoff

Office Manager

Our energetic and optimistic Office Manager has been an essential player with the dental office since it's opening. Christina is devoted to providing all patients with optimal care and attention.

Why Choose King Street Dental

Quality Dental Procedure Performed By Experts

Specialist On-site

Dr. Reddy and her trained team of dental specialists avialble on site.

Direct Billing

We process all insurance claims electronically, saving you the paperwork.

State-of-the-art Clinic

Our digital x-rays reduce radiation 80-90% compared to traditional dental x-rays.

Children Friendly

We take great care to make dental visits comfortable for your little ones.

Emergency Priority

We are committed to offering the best in emergency dental care to our patients.

Free Whitening Kit

Free Whitening Kit or Electric Toothbrush with new Patient Exam, Cleaning, and X-rays.

Special Discounts

We offer student and senior discounts to make dental care affordable.

Central Location

Centrally located in Uptown Waterloo, very close to Kitchener and the University.